About Jan Dennis

As a resident of the city for over 50 years, Jan Dennis has become the quintessential author and historian of Manhattan Beach history. Her colorful history includes being active in the civics of the city for over 40+ years (including having served on the city council and as mayor the 2nd female to hold that post), serving as an active member of the Neptunian Woman's Club of Manhattan Beach (including having served as its president) and the local historical society. To create this collection, Jan utilized her resources in the community for their insight, archival images and information as well as her personal vintage images to create these unique glimpses into the city's history.

From her expertise in Manhattan Beach lore, you'd assume Jan was born and raised in the area she esteems so dearly. But Ridgefield, Connecticut is where she originally hails from. When she came of age, she went on to pursue artistic endeavors in New York City where she attended Art Career School and sequentially worked in the publishing industry. Somewhere along the way, Jan's story led her west all the way to Southern California where her love affair with Manhattan Beach began.