Experience over 100 years of Manhattan Beach History

The Historical Archives of Manhattan Beach

Interweaving the past with the present is an art and when it comes to relaying the fascinating and diverse history of Manhattan Beach, California, Jan Dennis is the utmost storyteller. Have you ever wondered how a section of sand dunes grew to become the jewel in the crown of the South Bay? This collection of books feature archival photographs, important and little-known facts, distinctive stories and profiles of the people who helped shape the nature and character of the community. Progression is most successful when one takes the time to understand the path that came before so come on a journey and learn about the unique and diverse history of Manhattan Beach, it's famous pier, the police force, the architecture of its homes and buildings and the men and women who turned the sand dunes into a city to love and admire.

About the Author

As a resident of the city for over 50 years, Jan Dennis has become the quintessential author and historian of Manhattan Beach history. Her colorful history includes being active in the civics of the city for over 40+ years (including having served on the city council and as mayor...